OneRoyal Participates in Career Fair, Brings Students Closer to Professional Opportunities

At OneRoyal, we are always dedicated to excellence. We might be a global brand, but we have always valued and appreciated the connections to the communities in the countries in which we’re based. For this, we have proudly participated in the Spring 2022 Career Fair organised by the Career and Liaison Office of Frederick University Cyprus. Members from our HR and Marketing departments joined the two-day Career Fair where we had the opportunity to meet prospective interns or employees and get to know and understand their goals and aspirations.

Frederick University is a private university in the Republic of Cyprus that attracts both local and international undergraduate and postgraduate students. As a company, we have always been firm supporters of investing in dynamic, talented, and ambitious young minds. “We have many employees who started with OneRoyal right after graduation as interns, and now they are heads of departments. We invest in our people, and with their own dedication and loyalty, they can reach their full potential, which also helps us grow as a company as well.” Zeinab Dia, our Chief Human Resources Officer states.

Conversing with students was equally a professionally productive experience as well as an eye-opening experience. Being the sole brokerage firm participating in the Fair, numerous students from all sorts of academic backgrounds were intrigued and fascinated with the prospect of one day joining one of our divisions. Likewise, not only was our participation in the Fair an excellent opportunity for our company to identify possible professional prospects for the future, but we also had the opportunity to hear the students’ own concerns about the challenges that youth, who are mostly inexperienced, encounter when entering the workforce.

We are beyond grateful, proud, and delighted to have had the opportunity to partake in the two-day Career Fair and meet and discuss job opportunities with students.

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